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InfoAmericas has the kind of Hispanic cultural sensibility that can only come from living within the community in the United States.


InfoAmericas offers its clients personalized, quality service in all matters related to the Hispanic audience of the United States, in Spanish, and at low cost.


dialogue promo pageInfoAmericas has a command of the many styles of Spanish, and embraces the Hispanic community’s diversity of national origin, and its richness and cultural variation across distinct regions of the United States. This results in successful tailored messaging on distinct communication platforms, from specific language employed for social networks and different age groups, to nuanced language for publicity, social marketing, or press releases.


InfoAmericas benefits from the experience of professionals that have worked with major clients throughout the country, including Verizon, Honda, Washington Mutual, USA.Gov (the official website of the United States federal government), Autobytel (business leader in automobile marketing), Diario La Opinión (the largest Spanish-language newspaper in the United States), Lexicon Marketing, the Museum of Latin American Art, and the Orcí Advertising Agency, among many others.


community building promoInfoAmericas has solid experience with social media, especially with Facebook and Twitter. We develop content targeted to the Latino population (including drafting, editing, and scheduling social media messages). We also design marketing and messaging campaigns, and communications strategies to target areas of interest to Hispanics.


In addition, InfoAmericas offers its clients access to its entire network of media and press contacts throughout the United States and Latin America, for messaging, publicity and advertising placement, news services, events coverage, and communications consultation.


Logo Come ALL with text 300pxInfoAmericas freely advances the non-profit work of the COME-ALL (Community Media Alliance) program (called “ALMA” in Spanish), through which it provides, free of charge, dissemination of content and media services to grassroots and community organizations throughout the United States and Latin America. Learn more about this great program! Your work together with InfoAmericas will help support this community effort.


Is your business or organization interested in reaching out to the Hispanic audience in the rich cultural diversity of the United States or throughout Latin America?

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