About the Executive Director of InfoAméricas

CNNEnEspanol_Screenshot_Patricio Zamorano new2Patricio Zamorano is an academic, political scientist, journalist, community organizer, and television and radio commentator on United States foreign and domestic policy. He is also an experienced:

  • international consultant in academic development and political affairs;
  • specialist in strategic communication and social media management;
  • project manager for social and corporate marketing;
  • expert in early warning systems;
  • academic in political-strategic crisis management;
  • specialist in democracy, government institutions, and governance;
  • expert in hemispheric relations between Latin America and the United States.

Academic speaker for the Americas region

He has experience as an adjunct professor, speaker, and consultant at various universities and institutions in the Americas, including Georgetown University (Center for Latin American Studies and Center for Intercultural Education and Development), The George Washington University (Graduate School of Political Management), Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) foundation, National University of Panamá, National Autonomous University of Honduras, Catholic University of Guayaquil (Ecuador), Catholic University of Córdoba (Argentina), Institute of Journalism José Martí (Havana University, Cuba), and the National University of Argentina, among others. He is also founder and executive director of InfoAméricas™ and Co-Director of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA) in Washington DC.

Media analyst

Patricio Zamorano actively engages in the media as an international analyst, and has published numerous news articles, including reports, interviews and editorial pieces on various media in the Americas region.

Telesur Screen Shot Patricio ZamoranoZamorano has collaborated with the media as a political analyst, both as adviser and commentator, for CNN en Español, Telesur, Univision, BBC and BBC Mundo, Voice of America, NTN24, La Opinión de California, blog Chileno.co.uk, ContraPunto of El Salvador, Radio Univisión América, Radio Pacífica in California, Radio Concierto of Chile,  FSN Radio, Radio Miami, and Radio Caracol, among others. In English, he is a regular guest of RT News, Al Jazeera and CCTV News.

In addition, he has worked with various media in his native Chile (Online news: El Mostrador, El Ciudadano; magazines: CIPEREl Periodista, Mensaje, Caras, Plan B, The Clinic; newspapers: La Nación and La Época; radio: Bío Bío and Cooperativa; news networks: Canal 24 horas-TVNCNN Chile and Canal 2, among others).

Lobbying experience in the diplomatic and international realm; electoral observer

He has also served as an election observer in various Latin American nations (Mexico, El SalvadCNNChile_Screenshot_Patricio Zamorano hablandoor, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile and Honduras), and a political analyst with the Organization of American States (OAS) and other institutions in Washington DC, gaining extensive lobbying experience in the nation’s capital, focusing on democracy, U.S.-Latin America relations, and human rights.

His diverse diplomatic, political, academic, and journalistic roles have brought him outside the United States to Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile.

Radio Cooperativa Screen Shot Patricio ZamoranoSocial and corporate marketing, social media management

Patricio Zamorano has also strong experience in social and corporate marketing, advertising and political campaigns, strategic communication and messaging campaigns, in addition to social media content management, web traffic monitoring and online analytics. He has worked extensively on web projects for clients in the public and private sectors, providing excellent results in audience outreach and readership growth, especially among the Hispanic community in the United States. Under his leadership as Online Editor for the Diario La Opinión (the largest Spanish-language newspaper in the U.S.), La Opinion.com won “Best Website of the Year” in the “News and Media” category of Yahoo! En Español, and the “Standard of Excellence” prize, awarded by the Web Marketing Association.


Al Jazeera ScreenShot Patricio Zamorano Vista GeneralPatricio Zamorano is a graduate of Journalism and Social Communications of the University of Santiago in Chile, and has a Master’s degree in Latin American Studies from Georgetown University in Washington DC, with concentrations in both Government and Political Economy. At Georgetown University, he was awarded the Beeck Prize, presented to distinguished students hailing from Latin America.

In 2010 he was unanimously voted winner of the First Prize of the National Essay Contest “The Chilean Media and the Bicentennial (La Prensa Chilena y el Bicentenario),” in the reporting category, organized by the Círculo de Periodistas (Journalists’ Circle) of Chile and the University of Santiago, with his essay “Chile en tres actos (Chile in Three Acts)”.

Patricio Zamorano is a member of the Society of Author’s Rights (Sociedad del Derecho de Autor) of Chile, of the Journalists’ College (Colegio de Periodistas) of Chile and of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists of the United States.


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