Venezuelan Crisis: An Open Letter to Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Leonardo Almagro Lemes

We, the undersigned organizations and individuals from the United States and Canada, are deeply concerned by your intervention in Venezuela on behalf of the opposition United Democratic Roundtable (MUD) and its allies in Washington as well as your relentless attacks on the administration of President Nicolás Maduro… Leer más >>

Sign the letter to Secretary General of the OAS in solidarity with Venezuela!

I am writing to ask if you would endorse the attached open letter to Secretary General of the OAS Luis Almagro, urging him to play a less partisan role and support constructive means to address the political polarization and economic crisis in Venezuela. Peace and dialogue are the only viable approaches to democratic solutions to the region’s urgent challenges, not further escalation of conflict and threats of invasion…

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Activists interrupt meeting of US ambassadors at the Council of the Americas in solidarity with Berta Cáceres

Various activist from the Latin American and Caribbean Action Network (LACAN) interrupted a meeting of the Council of the Americas, an organization that represents private businesses on the continent, with messages critical of the roll of the United States in the climate of insecurity for community leaders in Honduras… Leer más >>

Speech of Obama regarding new policies on the embargo against Cuba

Good afternoon. Today, the United States of America is changing its relationship with the people of Cuba. In the most significant changes in our policy in more than fifty years, we will end an outdated approach that, for decades, has failed to advance our interests, and instead we will begin to normalize relations between our two countries. Leer más >>

Piñera has not had the Presidency he dreamed of…

Four publishing companies with global reach have focused their attention on the case of Chile in the last few years. Of these media, all have dealt in some way or another with the Chilean student movement of 2011-2012 (which is still active) and, by extension, with the problems of political management in Sebastian Piñera’s government… Leer más >>

Why do I feel so much pain, Violeta Parra?

So much pain I have felt tonight, Violeta, so much pain… It hurts because Chile hurts… That’s it, isn’t it singer? Painter? Creator of forms and illusions? Chile hurt you with every second of recognition given in the few countries that through the miracle of your poverty chose to give shelter to your singing, your paintings, your intense tapestries like the brilliance of your sad eyes… Leer más >>

Will Chile’s education system see reform?

“You do the math, it is impossible for the middle class and the poor family to get access [to good education] so the government is the only factor that can improve the inequality in the system, which is now totally broken.” Patricio Zamorano, a professor at George Washington University… Leer más >>