[Audio] Chilean protest movement continues after referendum announcement: interview to Patricio Zamorano (Sputnik Radio)

The Chilean Congress has reached an agreement to reform the constitution, which would become “100 percent democratic,” compared to the current constitution, which was passed during the dictatorial regime of Augusto Pinochet. Protesters are debating the way forward as the government prepares to organize a referendum in April. Patricio Zamorano, an academic and international analyst and Co-Director of the… Leer más >>

[Audio] Entrevista a Joan Turner, viuda del cantautor Víctor Jara (Radio Pacífica)

Tema: Patricio Zamorano junto a Leo Lorca entrevistan el 8 de septiembre de 2005 a la viuda del cantautor chileno Víctor Jara, Joan Turner. Radio Pacífica, Programa Nuestra Voz (Los Angeles, California, EEUU) Leer más >>