InfoAmericas and its services: what we offer to your organization

InfoAmericas offers services in a wide variety of areas for communications, marketing, academic, political, cultural, and lobbying purposes.


Spanish-language Social Media Management | Strategic Communications-Marketing for the Hispanic audience | Online Development | Hispanic Media outreach

From advice on messaging to connections with media outlets in the US and Latin America, InfoAméricas will connect you with leading reporters in the Hispanic world to ensure that your message is disseminated as widely as possible. We can also develop your online Spanish-language presence using effective and professional social media content management (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on), as well as maintenance of corporate and institutional websites in Spanish, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. We efficiently handle all your language, messaging, and content needs in Spanish for the US Hispanic market and the Latin American region.

If your organization is trying to make your presence grow among US Latinos with top-quality products and content, with cultural accuracy and relevance, InfoAméricas can help you. We’ve leveraged our combined professional experience to improve the content and products of relevant clients, including Verizon, Washington Mutual, Honda, (and its Hispanic channel,, Autobytel, La Opinión (the biggest newspaper in Spanish in the US), Lexicon Marketing, Agencia de Orci, MoLAA, and other prestigious companies and academic organizations throughout the Americas.


Educational programs development in Latin America and in Washington DC

InfoAmericas can put its clients in contact with the most prestigious universities of Latin America to develop agreements, joint projects, programs, visits,certifications, executive seminars, and personalized classes. In Washington DC, InfoAmericas also works with the Center for Intercultural Education and Development (CIED) at the University of Georgetown to develop joint programs with Latin American academic, educational institutions, and political institutions.


High profile Delegations to Latin America and Washington DC

InfoAmericas will  organize efficiently joint programs or delegations to any country in Latin America and the City of Washington, D.C. for members of your institution, with personalized visits to power centers. In DC, this includes offices of the White House, State Department, and US Congress, along with a rich variety of think tanks and non-governmental organizations in the area. These programs may or may not be sponsored with a university, depending on the needs of your organization. Delegations can include a mix of training and coaching classes as well as high profile meetings with political, academic, and media figures in any city of the Americas.


Community Development and Social Activism

InfoAmericas can put you in touch and create development agreements with valuable community organizations that work hard to protect civil rights, human rights, and the welfare of immigrants and underserved groups; do social research in the areas of ​​poverty, housing, and employment; and advocate for key issues of interest in the Americas.


Networking and lobbying

InfoAmericas can facilitate contact with a wide range of political, academic, cultural, and business institutions. When the Spanish language or the absence of established contacts in Washington DC or Latin America is an impediment to your project or the development of your next personal or institutional visit, InfoAméricas can open doors on your behalf.


Delegations to Cuba

InfoAmericas organizes delegations to Cuba compliant with legal norms enforced by the State Department and the Treasury Department, in the context of new bilateral Cuba-United States relations. InfoAmericas organizes academic and “people to people” delegations for professionals from all professions, including academics, artists and journalists.In Cuba, InfoAméricas organizes guided visits to academic, cultural, professional, journalistic, and civil society institutions. It can also produce formal educational programs for students from the United States in direct coordination with the University of Havana and its institutes of sectorial studies. See testimonials about previous trips.

Contact us with your project: we will work together to make it happen.