Venezuelan Crisis: An Open Letter to Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Leonardo Almagro Lemes

We, the undersigned organizations and individuals from the United States and Canada, are deeply concerned by your intervention in Venezuela on behalf of the opposition United Democratic Roundtable (MUD) and its allies in Washington as well as your relentless attacks on the administration of President Nicolás Maduro… Leer más >>

Why do I feel so much pain, Violeta Parra?

So much pain I have felt tonight, Violeta, so much pain… It hurts because Chile hurts… That’s it, isn’t it singer? Painter? Creator of forms and illusions? Chile hurt you with every second of recognition given in the few countries that through the miracle of your poverty chose to give shelter to your singing, your paintings, your intense tapestries like the brilliance of your sad eyes… Leer más >>

Planting seeds for the future: The challenge of rural finance

by Patricio Zamorano. The conference ” Cracking the Nut: Overcoming obstacles to Rural and Agricultural Finance”, organized by AZMJ and hosted by the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), culminated with the goal of generating better conditions for micro-finance projects in rural areas in developing countries. The event took place in Washington DC this past June 20-21, 2011… Leer más >>